A Year at a Glance

There have been a number of systemic and historic changes to the Senior system this year – changes which will inevitably impact how curriculum is designed and delivered in both the Primary and Secondary School.

In the Senior setting, teachers all across the State have participated in professional development to build capacity around changed assessment practices and the introduction of cognitive verbs, for example. Formal processes have been put in place to have assessment pieces “Endorsed” and then “Confirmed” by the QCAA.

The College’s recent restructure in the Middle and Senior schools in particular was designed to assist with the anticipated changes placing us in an ideal position to be intentional around distinctive curriculum needs. This year also saw the introduction of the “I Love Reading” program, which will be in full implementation in Lower Primary in 2020 and a focus on literacy and inquiry learning in the Upper Primary will continue into next year.

As awards evening and celebrations come to an end, we acknowledge the contribution that all students make to the College and congratulate them for their participation and involvement in all aspects of school life. The new year brings exciting opportunities for the College and we thank you for your continued support as we work together to provide your children with a holistic, Christian education.

Nichola Welsh

Head of Teaching & Learning (P-12)