Year 2 BBQ Bush Dance

Innovation and Learning Spotlight – Year 2 BBQ Bush Dance  

This year our Year 2’s came dressed, ready to impress us with their dance skills. The evening started with a family BBQ and a time to mingle with friends. It was so lovely to see the children running around and posing for photos with their classmates. Mr Bedville and Mr Williamson did a tremendous job on the BBQ and our Year 6 student leaders made sure we were all doing our part to be COVID safe.  

The children bravely and enthusiastically performed their dances with their dance partner. To end the evening, the parents joined the children on the dance floor. Mrs Turner was crowned ‘Queen of the Bush Dance’ for all her hard work getting the children ready for the evening. We all had a ‘Boot Scootin’ tremendous time! 

Kind regards, 

 Jacqui Grotius