Building & Grounds

The end of the year is fast approaching and for the Property Department, that means the “busy season” begins.

Already, several projects have either started or have been completed. Last week, we began the earth works that will be our new senior OSHC Centre behind the lower primary school. This work will continue into 2020 and be ready for occupancy by Easter of next year. This will be a large two storey building capable of holding nearly 150 students.

Along the eastern side of the oval, the Property team designed, engineered, and installed a fantastic 70-metre-long covered walkway in front of all the green sheds. This allows escape from the rain and also relief from the sun. It looks great and is a wonderful addition for the sports department.

Work has begun on our new tuckshop renovation which includes a significant increase in shaded seating for students. This work will go right through the Christmas holidays in order to be ready for the 2020 school year.

Stage 20, our STEM building is quickly taking shape with walls, roof, plasterboard and lots more coming into shape. There are many hands working side by side to get the project completed on time. It certainly is going to be a striking building when complete!

So, along with carpets and vinyl being cleaned, various rooms getting painted, annual works to the ovals and a long list of other jobs to be done, you know where you’ll find the Property Department these holidays….right here!

We look forward to unveiling most of these projects for you in January 2020. Happy holidays to you all!

Kevin Dekker

Director of  Facilities