Building & Grounds

As Term 4 begins, you might have noticed that lots happened around the College while students and teaching staff were away!

Our Stage 20 STEM building is progressing well with the suspended slab for the first floor complete and structural steel erected. You will begin to see many changes happen quickly now that the foundation work is complete. Concrete columns are rising ever higher.  During the school holidays, the contractors worked on attaching the suspended walkway to the rear of the Science Centre as well as structural work for a fly-over cover into the Middle School area. Getting this work done during the holidays greatly minimised the noise and disruption to regular College life.

Speaking of covered walkways, have you spotted the new shade cover on the eastern side of the oval near the green shed? Thank you to the Property staff who erected it over the holidays.  The shade cover is 70m long and will give staff and students a dry passage to and from class and a shaded area to conduct sports classes.

We know the grass is a bit brown in places throughout the campus, as I would imagine is the case at most Genesis family homes right now.  Let’s keep praying for rain!

Kevin Dekker

Director of  Facilities