Buildings with Purpose

In recent weeks, the College has been incredibly blessed to have opened for student use, two significant buildings:

  • Eden Eats
  • STEM building

It is with grateful hearts that we thank God for His provision of such wonderful resources across our campus for our students to benefit from.

Both Eden Eats and the STEM building are facilities with a difference and with great purpose.  Eden Eats provides a fabulous space for students and families to enjoy community as they gather socially throughout the day to share wonderfully healthy food options. When we opened Eden Eats recently, I shared our desire for this space to be one of great joy, abundance and community.  It has been lovely to see many students, staff and visitors enjoying this space.  I invite you to come and appreciate these elements of Eden Eats if you have not yet had the opportunity.

The STEM building incorporates many unique design elements that seek to spark opportunity and innovation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) disciplines.  Incorporating large glassed areas, it provides transparency and excitement as a variety of activities occur within the building.  Large writable surfaces throughout the building seek to foster skills of design, creation, critical thinking, innovation and collaboration.  The informal learning areas throughout the building encourage collaboration and serve many purposes such as individual study, group work, large gatherings and social get-togethers. The design provides agility therefore encouraging student ownership and new teaching methods to be embraced as a result of the flexible spaces and a variety of furniture, also allowing for multidisciplinary courses, encouraging the development of new skills necessary for students as they enter a changing workforce.

But finally and most importantly, our prayer is that these new buildings will be places where hearts, minds and souls of our students are shaped and formed.  We seek to not only educate the mind but also the heart and do so in a way that helps to shape a young persons character and their values in order for them to have a positive impact on society as a whole.  Celebrating the opening of these spaces with our students and staff was step one … these buildings will be officially opened later this year which will provide us a formal opportunity to both give thanks to God for his blessings whilst also dedicating these buildings to His service and for His purposes here at Genesis.


Paul Sterling