Year 12 Leadership Camp

Year 12 Leadership Camp 

 On Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 February, Year 12 headed off to CYC Burleigh for their final ever school camp. Being the final camp, there was an air of excitement amongst the cohort.  

 The camp consisted of predominantly water based activities with some of the highlights being surfing, surf rafting, tubing and stand up paddle boarding. In addition to this, the highly regarded Graham Hyman spent 2 sessions speaking to the Year 12 students, with the aim to equip them with the skills and mindset they will need to tackle the challenges of Year 12 and beyond. 

 Night 1 of the camp consisted of an engaging drumming session while night 2 brought a change in pace with the Op Shop Formal. There were some memorable outfits with Caleb and Jaimee being up there with the best.  

 A special mention goes to the Year 12 students who were involved in the musical. They willingly sacrificed their final day of camp to make sure that they were prepared for their musical roles. 


 Kind regards,

 Shayne Kriel 

Care and Conduct Leader – Year 12