Care & Conduct – Primary

Care & Conduct – Primary

Welcome from our new Primary Care & Conduct Leader, Mr Paul Cobb

I started my teaching career back in the dark ages, teaching at a Primary school on the south coast of England, in a beautiful county called Dorset. My desire to become a teacher came from my involvement with church youth groups, camps and helping to run a children’s church.

Personally, I enjoy reading about history, a passion fuelled by growing up in the shadow of hillforts, castles, spitfire bases and even dinosaurs. No not real dinosaurs – I’m not that old! Just their fossilised remains. I also enjoy running and was a decent athlete in my youth. I like to relax by playing football (soccer) or watching rugby or the occasional T20 cricket game.

In my thirties, now with a young family and having taught in the UK for 14 years we felt ‘called’ as a family to move to Australia, to work in a new Baptist College just south of Perth in Western Australia. Working there for the past ten years, I have come to consider myself Australian and have grown to love this beautiful country and its people. One of my favourite parts of working in WA was developing and leading students on a truly life changing missions trip to the Philippines – it was incredible to see the impact the trip had on both the people we came to serve, and in the lives of my students.

My wife and I visited Brisbane for the first time some two years ago, we loved it so much that we encouraged our daughter to attend Bible College here; a year later, she is now enrolled into UQ and the whole family has moved across. Securing my new role as Care and Conduct leader in the Primary school was truly wonderful and I am so excited to come and be part of the Genesis family. I am excited about my role as Care and Conduct leader and count it a real privilege to be able to work with pupils across the whole primary age range. I have already learnt that Genesis has not only amazing facilities, but also has a staff that go ‘above and beyond’. I am looking forward to getting to know more about life in Brisbane, to discover more of beautiful Queensland and to help make a difference at Genesis.

Paul Cobb

Care and Conduct Leader