Careers Corner

March/April 2020

Term 1 is nearly complete, and activities are beginning to increase in the Tertiary sector

Over the next few months there is usually a gradual build up of events targeting enrolments into tertiary institutions for 2021 as well as providing information for those beginning to plan their futures. In the middle of the times we find ourselves in, some of these may well be postponed or cancelled, always check the institution’s website before going.

  • Thursday 9 April – Interested in Nursing or Paramedics? Join in an online forum to talk about what it’s like to be one 5.30 – 7.00pm – visit ACU’s website for more details on the ‘Talk with Nurses and Paramedics, Online’ event.
  • Friday 8 – Saturday 9 May – Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo (Convention & Exhibition Centre)
  • Sunday 17 May – Open day at University of the Sunshine Coast Moreton Campus 

There is a new noticeboard up outside S22 that will have various posters of upcoming events. At present one is up for information sessions for various careers in the Australian Defence Force. As we receive offers of work for part-time or Apprenticeships or Traineeships we will place them up there as well as online as we are able.

For Year 12’s, as you begin to think of going to TAFE or university, here’s some advice from a past university student (Jess) from the “Foundation for Young Australians website. She says that “if I could go back in time, I would have a few words of advice for my younger self.”

Here are the points she suggested: 

  • Get involved with clubs and societies  
  • Show up to class   
  • Make time for fun 
  • You don’t have to rush through your degree 
  • In fact, stop rushing so much in general 
  • Don’t be afraid to change your mind 
  • Make the most of every opportunity 

“One thing I have learned is that when you get the chance to do something that excites and challenges you, take the leap and DO IT, even if it scares you.

Robin Grant

Director of Careers and Student Services