Curriculum Matters

A Season of Change 

As we move out of the Genesis@Home season and back into the classroom, there are certainly many lessons which we can take away from learning at home. For some students, the flexibility which Genesis@Home offered suited their learning, whilst for others the lack of structure and physical contact with peers and teachers made the experience rather challenging. Most students, when surveyed, commented on the effectiveness of using technology such as Teams or OneNote to facilitate their learning but were thankful to be back with their friends and the physical classroom environment.  

As educators, we have used the Genesis@Home experience to brainstorm and redesign how we do things and collaborate with colleagues and students. Semester 2 is well underway, with students across Year 6 and the Secondary school making subject choices for next year. The Year 12 students are preparing for their mock exams. The mock exams are intended to provide feedback opportunities prior to the commencement of external examinations which start on Monday 26 October, with the second Confirmation event commencing soon.  

Kind Regards,

Nichola Welsh

Head of Teaching and Learning (P-12)