Curriculum Matters – Authentic and Relevant 

The new year brings with it a number of exciting innovations in curriculum and pedagogy across the College. In Primary school, teachers and students will be embarking on project-based learning (PBL), which will provide students with opportunities to engage in authentic, cross-curricular units of work, encouraging autonomy, collaboration, problem solving and the application of critical thinking skills.  

The introduction of the Secret Skills framework will facilitate and model to Primary students positive intra– and inter-personal work habits and encourage them to be monitoring and developing upon these habits. 

The introduction of VR goggles as a tool to facilitate real-life learning experiences is gaining traction in the Secondary school with a variety of subjects engaging with the technology. Across the Secondary campus, students are using technologies to create and problem-solve, and the use of a new Learning Teams platform is assisting students to remain connected and organised.   

Developing mastery in knowledge and skills continues to be a focus in the Secondary school, with the use of cognitive verbs, positive and effective study and work habits, and exposure to authentic learning experiences being a continued focus.   


Kind regards,

 Nichola Welsh Remove featured image

Head of Teaching and Learning