Curriculum Matters

Curriculum Matters

Recently the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) released the scaling report for Senior subjects in 2020. This is the first opportunity we have had to see how subjects have been scaled when calculating the ATAR for 2020 students. However, I need to point out that last year the Year 12 students completed one less assessment item, due to COVID-19, than students will complete this year. QTAC will scale the subjects each year and we can expect some differences year to year as the cohorts vary.

 I would also like to make these comments on the use of this document:

  • We thank QTAC for providing us such a comprehensive report in the spirit of fairness and openness.
  • QTAC, who calculate the ATAR and manage tertiary entrance in Queensland give this advice for students when selecting subjects

“Students should not select subjects based on predicted scaling outcomes, but should choose subjects they enjoy, are good at and which meet any prerequisites for courses they want to apply for”.

  • When choosing subjects at SETP interviews, we discussed and encouraged the subject choices which were the best fit for each individual student.
  • Students who choose subjects based on scaling parameters tend to become disengaged as they have little, if any interest in the subject, and consequently perform worse than if they had chosen subjects they are good at and enjoy.
  • Students who are eligible for an ATAR need to work consistently in all their subjects, as students who try to predict which subject will be used to calculate their ATAR generally get this wrong.

Students and their parents are welcome to meet with the Future Pathways team at any stage to discuss options after Year 12.

Kind regards

Wayne van den Bos

Director of Senior Phase