Curriculum Matters

Transitions, Challenges and Growth

There are many pivotal points of transition throughout life’s journeyThe transition from Primary to Secondary Schools can have a significant affect on the psychological, social and intellectual well being of some students.  As the College headrapidly towards the end of the year there are many preparations and activities taking place across the campus to support student transitions into 2020. 

One of these events is Transition Day, providing the opportunity for Year 6 students from Genesis Christian College and new enrolments to experience a day in the life of a Year 7 Secondary School student. 

The format of the day allows students to meet Secondary teachers, participate in a variety of elective lessons, navigate their way around the Secondary School and encourage interaction with current Middle School students during break times.  

Assisting students to develop positive attitudes and perceptions related to the classroom are critical to enhanced learning.  Our curriculum planning is underpinned by this through the Dimensions of Learning approach.  When students experience a safe classroom environment, where they think it’s okay to make mistakes, they will continue to take on challenges.  Although difficult, allowing students to experience challenges will shape and grow their character.  In the words of C.S. Lewis, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” 

We ask a few students what they had to say about transitioning into Secondary School: 

  • “Challenges will include lots of new teachers, organising to get assessment and homework in on time and finding classrooms.” Ella and Lily 
  • “Excited about starting electives such as LEEP COGs and Drama.” Dominic
  • “Looking forward to new experiences next year, very glad to have the transition day to meet new friends and teachers.”  Tia 

Fiona Hogan
Director of Middle School Innovation and Learning