Curriculum – Finishing Strong

It has certainly been a busy couple of months, as students and College staff prepare for the end of year celebrations, assessment, reports, and of course learning. It is important to take a moment to consider how far we have come this past year.

The College community has once again tackled the challenges that COVID brought us, in terms of learning from home.

Students in the Primary school embarked on new ways of learning as Project-Based Learning was implemented and the Secret Skills of getting along and working well were introduced.

Students in the lower Primary shared insights into their school life, through SeeSaw.

Year 4 students learnt to use new devices. To top this off some students moved into a brand-new learning space, where they collaborated in rooms which gave them opportunity to stretch their legs and brains in flexible learning spaces.

In the Secondary school, students continued to master the use of OneNote and Teams, improving opportunities to collaborate as classes and cohorts.

Blended technologies improved engagement in many learning areas and different ways of learning explored.

Year 7 students (and parents) followed their academic journey through Progressive reporting and intentional opportunities for students to participate in a number of co-curricular programs and competitions offered.

And of course, our Year 12s completed their final journey in formal education, blessed and prepared for their next steps.

Of course, there is so much more that goes on in a school year, but these are perhaps some of the highlights.

We acknowledge the importance of the partnership between school and home, and the symbiotic relationship that exists in supporting our young people to be the very best they can be; and thank our parents for their continued support of their children’s education.

Finally, we ask for your continued prayers for our Year 12s at this time, as they leave Genesis to embark on their future pathways.  May the blessings of the Lord light your path and keep you safe.

Kind regards,

Nichola Welsh

Head of Teaching and Learning