Curriculum Matters – What is in your Hands?

At the beginning of the year, our Principal, Mr Sterling, asked Genesis staff the question, “What is in your Hands?”  This turned out to be a very pertinent question, considering the year that we have had. 2020 has certainly brought its challenges, but what it has also highlighted is the strong foundation on which we, as a learning community, find ourselves.

The Genesis community banded together to support learning from home, and the rapid development of learning platforms, online learning and remote care for students and staff alike. What was very clearly in our hands was innovation, creativity and problem solving – skills that we endeavour to teach and learn throughout.

The Year 12 cohort recently completed their External Assessments, and despite a number of difficult circumstances this year, arrived prepared and confident to embark in their final assessments. No doubt the Year 12 teachers played a pivotal role in preparing our students for these final weeks of their formal schooling journey, but the collective contribution of the learning community assisted in building these strong foundations long before Year 12.

We wish our Genesis community a blessed Christmas.

Kind regards,

Nichola Welsh

Head of Teaching and Learning