Curriculum Matters

Strategic Pillars

The College’s forthcoming Strategic Plan, to be launched to parents in 2022, identifies several key priorities which will drive the College’s strategic planning for the next three years. As one would expect, future-focussed learning is one of these key pillars. With strong links to the Alice Springs Declaration (Education Policy) which outlines the need for schools to be providing opportunities for students to be acquiring skills which are transferrable into both the workforce and into everyday life, future-focussed learning identifies skills such as the use of digital technologies, creative problem solving, collaboration, research and inquiry skills and curiosity.

As a Christian College we overarch these skills with a Christian worldview, which not only facilitates the acquisition of these skills but facilitates the acquisition of these skills with a Godly purpose and ethical lens. Students at the College are provided with an array of opportunities to practice these skills both in and outside the classroom. Participating in fundraising events such as ‘Write a Book in Day’, the Rite Journey, Reader’s Cup, Future Problem Solving, The QAMT Quiz, as examples, provide a number of opportunities to connect, collaborate and to act purposely. Additionally, the College is committed to providing opportunities for students to achieve their personal excellence.

Two new subjects in Secondary are being introduced next year, with a view to this. As an addition to the already established Learning Extension and Enrichment Program (LEEP), an elite sports program is being introduced in Year 7 called STEEP (Sporting Talent Extension and Enrichment Program) with a view to foster and develop young athletes in their chose sport. Additionally, LEEP LInC will help students to lead innovation and creativity using entrepreneurial and STEM-related skills.

Finally, our Year 12 students will shortly begin the final leg of their formal schooling journey as they begin their External Assessment. For many, these exams mark the peak of their hard work and dedication to their studies, and towards the end of term, to celebrate their achievements with their peers at the College Formal and Valedictory service. We welcome the College community to pray for these young people as they enter this final phase.

Nichola Welsh,

Head of Teaching and Learning (P-12)