Department Spotlight – Music

Department Spotlight – Music Excursion to QPAC 

“Lights! Camera! Action!”  

Highlights from Music Reviews Written by Year 7 And 8 Music Students:

Music students in Year 7 and 8 attended a concert entitled “Lights! Camera! Action!” at QPAC on Wednesday 27 April. The event showcased the Queensland Symphony Orchestra performing well-known movie and film music, from “Star Wars” and “Avengers” themes to “My Neighbour Totoro” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Here are what the students had to say!

  • “Each time a new composition was played, they had different lighting which complimented the music and helped to build the atmosphere. Also, all of the musicians were dressed up based on characters of the pieces from the music they were playing.” (Hazel A, Year 8) 
  • “My favourite composition was “In the Hall of the Mountain King” because of the build up of tempo at the start and end. I also really enjoyed watching the cellist and double bass’s hands and arms move at 1 million kilometers per second.” (Eli A, Year 8)
  • “Overall, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra was great at giving the music classes an experience that they will never forget, as they went into great detail when explaining to us what they were about to play, and the important features to look out for in the music.” (Windsor W, Year 8)
  • “This orchestral concert made me feel like I was in the actual movies! I have found a new appreciation of music in movies. I would 100% recommend this orchestra to anyone as it takes up 50 minutes of your time…but it’s worth it!” (William A, Year 7)
  • “This amazing experience gave me the opportunity to explore a different genre of music.” (Santiago R, Year 7)
  • “I enjoyed the outing as we got to experience something new instead of just sitting in a classroom.” (Natasha L, Year 8)
  • “This was a great excursion in a well-managed facility, and I would love to go on another trip like this again!” (Caleb D, Year 8)