Eden Eats

Eden Eats had a wonderful opening week and has now been available to our school community for three weeks.

Volunteers Required!

If you can spare some time and would like to assist us at our POS (point of sale) terminals, we would love your help – as would the students! The terminals are very easy to use – we promise!  Times where we need assistance are 10:50-11:15am and 12:40-1:30pm on weekdays.  If you can help at all – or would like to come along and see how easy it is before you commit, please email us at edeneats@genesis.qld.edu.au

Did you know?

  • In our opening week we processed over 2,000 transactions!
  • Our top sellers have been:
    1. Hot Chips
    2. Chicken Nuggets
    3. Sushi
    4. Breaka milk
    5. Wraps
  • Students can access a free piece of fruit any time (no obligation to be buying at Eden Eats)
  • Eden Eats is open before school from 8am, First and Second break, and after school until 3:30pm
  • We have some wonderful breakfast and afternoon tea options for students and families – as well as the morning tea and lunch time offerings.

We make most of our delicious food onsite! Here’s Chef Ben whipping up his famous banana bread!

We look forward to continuing to serve our students and school community!