Eden Eats – Grand Opening Monday, 10 Feb!

The evolution of our new look canteen, Eden Eats, is well underway.

Opening Date:

Eden Eats will officially open on Monday 10 February. (This means there will be no tuckshop available during the first two weeks of term.)


We’re excited to release our menu highlights – please take a look here!

Please note this is just a highlight of our available menu items. For years 1-4, the full menu will be available in week 3 on Flexischools for ordering.

For years 5-12, students can choose from the cabinets themselves on the day (to clarify, there is no pre-ordering so a set menu is not required. However, if your student has dietary requirements you can pre-order food from the allergies menu on Fexischools.

Below are some key points for Years 1 – 4 students:

  • Parents can place online orders via Flexischools. Order cut off time is 8am.
  • Years 3-4 students are able to make ‘incidental’ purchases from the Primary window at Eden Eats during break times.
  • Students can also make purchases (with parental supervision) after school until 3:30pm.

Below are some key points for Years 5 – 12 students:

  • Online ordering is no longer available due to the ‘self-serve’ nature of Eden Eats. The only exception for online ordering via Flexischools will be for students with dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free / dairy free). Order cut off time is 8am.
  • Students can access Eden Eats every day at break times as well as after school until 3:30pm.
  • Payment methods include: cash, EFTPOS and Flexischools (using their student ID card).
  • If your preferred method of payment will be via Flexischools, please ensure you link your child’s student ID to their profile in Flexischools. We also recommend setting up an ‘auto top-up’ for your account and also setting a daily spend limit for each of your children. We have attached step by step instructions to help with this process.

We look forward to welcoming you to Eden Eats as we strive to make it a community hub where we can all enjoy good food, connect with each other and grow together.