Applications for Siblings Commencing 2022

Applications for Siblings Commencing 2022 

A Reminder from the Enrolments Office to Current Genesis Families

As family life can become quite hectic, sibling applications can sometimes be overlooked, and closing dates apply to both Prep and Year 7. Families with students on the Prep or Year 7, 2022 lists, will have recently received by email, notification of the commencement of the 2022 Application & Offer process. If you have not received this email, please contact the Enrolments office or 3882 9000 to confirm your application status. Other Year levels for 2022, will be updated towards the end of Term 3.

 Prep Applications

Genesis families are reminded to enrol younger children (siblings) as soon as possible, particularly for Prep. Attendance at Little Genesis ELC, does not automatically transfer to an application for Prep at the College and a separate application for enrolment must be completed.

Applications for 2022

If you have family or friends interested in applying to Genesis Christian College to commence 2022, applications are welcome at this time. Applications for Prep and Year 7, 2022 will be closing on 31 March. Applications received after the closing date will be added to supplementary waiting lists and may still be considered for subsequent offer rounds or future years.

Application forms and the Application Process Guide, is available on the College website 

For further information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact the Enrolment office by email or phone 3882 9000.

Yours sincerely,

Lynn M Swanson

Enrolments Registrar