Year 11 Hospitality Excursion

xThis month our Year 11 Hospitality students embarked on an excursion into the City for the day. Class member, Chloe K, has written a review of the day!

On the 11th March, the Year 11 Hospitality students attended an excursion to further develop front and back of house knowledge. The first destination was Wolff Coffee Roasters. They students viewed the process of roasting coffee beans and tasted a variety of single origin roasts and were challenged to consider the flavour wheel. There was time for a relaxing morning tea at the café section of the warehouse before getting back on the bus.

The next place that the students attended was the Emporium Hotel. The students were absolutely dazed by the hotel’s facilities. They started off by meeting two beautiful ladies who took them on a tour, Anita and Celeste. Anita gave the students an in-depth backstory of her jobs and her career progression to show where she is today. They then took the students on a tour where they viewed many different places within the hotel.

The first place they visited was the roof top bar and pool. The view was gorgeous, and the students were so amazed that they had to take many photos. After that they made their way to the penthouse and words can not describe the look on their faces. They were overwhelmed by the quality of the room and astonished by the price ($9,000 per night!). They then looked at the regular rooms to compare the difference before making their way to the back of house. The students found the back of house sketchy and were shocked by the difference between what guests see compared to those who work there. After that they enjoyed a lovely lunch that was provided by the Emporium Hotels kitchen staff and went to Southbank until the buses arrived.

Overall, it was a lovely experience and well enjoyed.

Written by Chloe K (Yr 11)