From the Leadership Team

Welcome Back!

A warm welcome back to all Genesis families in this, the first newsletter for the 2022 academic year.  A particular welcome to families new to the College.  Although we have been required to limit the number of parents on site, it has been great to have new families join the College and we do trust that you will feel more connected as COVID-19 restrictions ease across our State.  Thank you to all parents for your patience and understanding through this most unusual start to the school year.  It has been wonderful to watch students engage quickly into the school routine and the learning for the year ahead.

During the holidays, many in our graduating class of 2021 received their ATAR results along with Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) offers and we are so proud of their outstanding results.  Please take some time to review these results in the Secondary School update.

The College has many events and activities planned for the year ahead and we are incredibly excited to be joining together with you as a community for these.  I encourage you to keep an eye on the College calendar available in both the College App and on Parent Lounge.

In the coming weeks, the College will be sharing the new Strategic Plan with parents.  Unfortunately, this was delayed with the disrupted start to the school year.  Please keep an eye out for details of this launch as we would love to share with you our future vision for the College.  I look forward to connecting with throughout the course of the year.


Paul Sterling