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NEW in 2020

We are pleased to advise that in 2020, parents will have the freedom to schedule and manage their own payment schedules via Parent Lounge, using a new PCI Compliant Direct Debit Self Service program. Parents will be able to configure account payment plans from bank accounts or credit/debit cards, within parameters that are defined by the College.

Early in Term 1 2020, you will receive communication from the Finance Office advising you that your school fee statement has been published to Parent Lounge and your action is required.

You will need to log in to Parent Lounge, view your Fee Statement and then nominate how you would like to pay your school fees from the available options (Annual, Term, Monthly or Fortnightly). Based on this selection, you are then able to set up and manage your own bank account and credit card details – including any changes throughout the year. You will also have some flexibility to manage the dates of payments.

Further information will be provided when your statement is issued.

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