Throughout this year, our emphasis has been to promote physical activity, connecting with the natural environment through adventure-based activities and a child-directed program. We strive to enrich and enhance children’s individuality, supporting all children in the creation of a space in which they can play.

Two of the exciting initiatives are the introduction to “loose parts” and following the “Playwork” philosophy. Play takes many forms, unique to every individual.  Through our knowledge and expertise of children and play, we know that play happens before learning and so, therefore, we plan for play!

Our program is planned to provide opportunities for children to explore heights, create and build with various loose parts and experiment and explore through a range of elements, all under the guidance of our trained educators.

We value partnerships with our community and family and currently we have partnered with DARE (Domestic Abuse Recovery Education), donating toys and books, donating to families in need.  Our current project we are involved in is, ‘Lids4Kids’ whereby we are recycling plastic lids.  For every 500 lids, these will be recycled to make prosthetic limbs for children in need. We invite our families to become involved with these projects and all donations can be received at OSHC.

Partnering with our families is the key to success, we recently shared a successful OSHC family social, where we got to ignite the flame, with our first ever fire on campus and share our vision, goals and program with our families as well as toasted marshmallows.

Our upcoming vacation program will be yet another action packed adventure. Booking forms are now available and are found in our family Facebook group, “Genesis OSHC Families- 2019”.

Fees for 2020 have been reviewed and due to the current growth of our OSHC and the increased cost associated with wages and necessities to run a quality service, the need for a fee increase to our sessions has arisen. New fees will be released in our 2020 re-enrolment packs, which will be released mid-September.

To find out more about our OSHC, please view our promotional video.

Susan Cooper
Genesis OSHC Director

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