Share a Glimpse of Your Genesis@Home

Share a Glimpse of Your Genesis@Home

Now that we’ve all had a little time to adjust to Genesis@Home, we would love to have a glimpse of your day. This would be in the form of a photo or two, showcasing your child/children hard at work.

A few possible ideas could be:

  • ANZAC Day – If you have taken any photos of your family’s commemorations on the day or making wreaths for the celebration
  • Mother’s Day – Making a card, picture or gift for mum, or even preparing breakfast on the morning
  • Online Music Lesson – A photo of your child/children taking a lesson with their teacher
  • Sport and HPE Classes – A photo of your child/children engaged in a prepared activity
  • Genesis@Home – A photo of your child/children completing their school work
  • Virtual Cross Country Challenge – A photo of your child/children competing in their sports gear.

Students could also send in information and or a photo on:

  • A random act of kindness for example:
    • Sent as “Dear Kindness Diary, today I made a cake and gave it to …….”
    • or “I painted a picture and gave it to ……”
  • A “COVID-19 Time Capsule” – What were some of the best things, most challenging things etc.
  • Shared prayers that were prayed by our students and families

Please note: By emailing any items to our Marketing email, you are aware and give permission that these may be used in Genesis printed material

It is always good to be aware when you are taking a photo of what is in the background and foreground, good lighting, students in appropriate clothing etc.

Please send to

Thank you for taking the time to share with us a snapshot of your Genesis@Home – here’s a glimpse of learning at home so far!