What’s happening in the Library?

There’s been a lot happening in our Library over the past Term!

The Primary library space has seen a few changes during Term 3, firstly with my arrival as the new primary teacher-librarian, but also in seeing the first few steps in the evolution of a partnership between the library and the classroom, particularly in the development of digital literacy.

The modern-day library space, while remaining a fantastic physical space within which students can both learn and escape to the natural habitat of the bookworm, is also continually extending its boundaries according to the ever-growing digital world. As a result, the primary teacher-librarian, in partnership with classroom teachers and library staff, has begun a journey to help students build skills and knowledge in the area of digital literacy in meaningful contexts aligned with their units of work.

Throughout Term 3, the development of research skills has been a focus, particularly making effective use of digital and print resources available through the library such as databases, websites, e-books, physical books, and film.

Lastly, it would be great to reflect on the Book Week celebrations that took place across the primary school. It was encouraging to see the majority of students and staff embrace the dress up day, with characters and themes from a diverse range of books bringing an extra measure of colour to the college for a day. A special acknowledgement also goes to all the students who entered the bookmark competition in which there were many creative designs reflecting the theme, Reading is dreaming with eyes open.

Did you see our video of the wonderful Book Week costumes? Check it out here!

Mr Benjamin Swift

Primary Teacher-Librarian