What’s in your hands?

A book? A bible? Read for your life!

The Australian Children’s Laureate (2020-2021) is Ursula Dubosarsky and her theme is Read For Your Life. This author encourages children to develop reading as a lifelong habit. Some of her books in our library, include:

  • The Word Spy
  • Brindabella
  • The Terrible Plop
  • The Perplexing Pineapple

The Library Strategic Plan states that one of our goals is to make reading a core value in our College. Our professional teacher librarians promote reading to learn through applying the Library Research Process when doing assignments. Our virtual library provides 24/7 access to the Library Page on the School Intranet. Digital databases, eBooks and videos. Under the Tools tab, the Library Handbook can be found. It outlines how to do research and how to do APA referencing.

At Genesis we promote reading for leisure as a wonderful way to relax and to grow our students’ imaginations and empathy for others. The Accelerated Reader programme motivates our Year 4 and 5 students to read good fit books. We already have three Year 5 students who have read over one million words this year!

The Student Library Council consists of Senior Secondary students who took the initiative to create the ‘Suggestion Box’ in the library. Any student is welcome to post a request for a title of a book to purchase for our library.

Genesis Christian College has a Christian ethos. As our children learn to read and develop a lifelong love of enjoying reading, we hope that they will also learn to read the Bible and to grow in their love of God and their love of others. Daily reading of the Bible is a wonderful habit to develop to nurture our children’s souls. It is in your hands to encourage your son or daughter to, as Ursula Dubosarsky says,  Read for your life!


Joy Payne

Director of Library Services