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  • Our professional Library staff care about our students and so are providing extra online learning and reading opportunities for our Genesis community. We have increased the numbers of students who may read the Primary and Secondary Wheeler eBooks and audiobooks. We have subscribed to two new databases: Ancient and Medieval History and Modern History. Box of Books is our new eTextbook
  • Our virtual library online resources are available 24/7 on and off campus. Go to our Genesis website and click on the link to the Student Café portal. Please follow the prompts below each icon for login details.

Learning and reading

  • General: Destiny – the library catalogue; Accelerated Reader, Box of Books
  • Databases: A-Z Cultures, Britannica, Gale, Ancient and Modern History, World Book
  • eBooks: Gale and Infobase Learning provide non-fiction eBooks; Storybox, Ziptales and Wheelers provide mainly fiction stories …
  • Tools: Turnitin; Library Handbook for how to do research and APA referencing guidelines.
  • Box of Books: is our new eTextbook platform. For extra textbook technical support, students may contact Box of Books via the in-app support (button at the bottom right of the Box of Books screen). Please note that for Secondary students and Year 6 Cambridge Maths, it is advisable to download the PDFs of their textbooks on the Genesis campus (not at home) via the Box of Books APP found in the Software Center applications section on their school laptops.

Borrowing books for the school holidays: In addition, to the many digital resources, we are allowing students to borrow extra books for the school holidays. Here are two Year 9 students taking full advantage of the new 10 novels per student policy:

Support: If you have any concerns regarding library matters, please email:

Joy Payne

Director of Library Services