Book Week

Competition Winners

 The winners of the ‘Create a Curious Creature’ competition are:

  • Prep: Katie
  • Year 1: Reuben
  • Year 2: Heike
  • Year 3: Caitlin
  • Year 4: Lilly
  • Year 5: Ewan
  • Year 6: Levi
  • Year 7: Jane
  • Year 9: Aaron
  • Year 12: Brooke

This is an example of a ‘Curious creatures, creative minds’ competition winning entry, from Caitlin: “Ben the brainy bookworm has ten pairs of arms and eyes so he can read lots of books at once because he loves going on adventures in his mind”.

Congratulations to the Singh and May families who each won one of the two $100 book vouchers when they purchased books online from The Book Curator.

Well done to the 216 students (mainly in Primary) who participated in the 2020 Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge. Over 905 schools and 318 centres took part, combining more than 161,000 Queensland children reading over 2.23 million books!

Thank you so much to our outgoing Year 12 Student Library Council Captain, Cassie, and Vice-Captain, Tharina. We appreciated your dedication and love of reading.


Joy Payne

Director of Library Services