From the Leadership Team

Creating Memories

As the holiday season is almost upon us, a common topic of conversation is how we will spend our holiday. It is easy to get caught up with planning our annual summer camping trip or our holiday by the beach or arrangements for Christmas day. These are all important things and extremely exciting; however, I have been reflecting on how easy it is to allow things to keep you busy and therefore forget the real meaning of the Christmas season.

The way that we, as parents approach this holiday season has a significant impact on the images being formed in the minds of our children as they observe us. Taking time to intentionally pause and remember the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ during our Christmas holiday break can help our children write upon their future memories. There are many activities that families can enjoy together which highlight the significance of Christmas to help create lasting memories for our children.

An Advent calendar is one way that families can celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. These calendars are designed with fun and excitement in mind. Some have windows that open and play music or contain scripture verses for the family to read together each day, while others have gifts inside each window that build to the ultimate gift, our Saviour. Sharing in a carols service together as a family or reading the Christmas story from the Bible are other ways to intentionally focus on Jesus and build special memories. My family have enjoyed arranging the nativity scene and discussing where to place each of the figures most appropriately – often, an insightful opportunity to discuss the Christmas story together.

As parents, the years we have with our children pass extremely quickly and the challenge for us is to ensure that we take hold of every opportunity to build memories that count for the future. I wish you all a safe, restful and blessed Christmas season and look forward to partnering with you again in 2022.


Paul Sterling