Children at play!

Welcome to our new families and welcome back to our existing families!

It has been an incredible start to the year here at OSHC. This year we have been blessed with the ability to increase our occupancy and extend our care to Prep siblings. As we foresee continued growth, we look forward to relocating to our new premises and plans are well and truly underway with construction.

One of the greatest joys about attending OSHC is that it offers a place to gather and to connect with others. A combination of multi-age play, loose parts and “playwork” are examples of children holistically learning and developing ideas as nature and evolution intended. By trial and error, in play and with peer guidance, rather than adult.

A great outcome for loose parts and free play fall within the “Zone of Proximal Development” of their slightly older peers through observing, learning and then mimicking. In some cases, students then refine their usage. This is a perfect example of how play and its environment combine to provide subtle permission that the children innately and holistically pick up on.

Our environments operate as a village or tribe in a cycle. Children will come in, bring ideas, rise to challenges and develop by being pulled forward by those older or more skilled than them and in turn, pulling forward those younger or less skilled.

We need to remember that play is a language, one of the hundred ways in which children work through their ideas and understandings of the world.

Our Vacation Care Program includes nature play, adventure day camps, hiking, fishing, canoeing and for the more adventurous rock climbing and abseiling!

While we all about adventure, our program is inclusive to cater for all interests and each child is able to participate within each activity. Our wonderful team of Educators are all highly skilled and attend professional development throughout the year.

We currently have vacancies for:

  • Before School Care
  • After School Care
  • Vacation Care

Did you know we also accept casual bookings and provide care for students in Prep to Year 7?

To enrol, please email our Director.

Susan Cooper

Genesis OSHC Director

Ph: 3882 9013