OSHC – Quality and Commitment in Outside School Hours Care 

Children are at the forefront of all that we do and there is undeniable evidence of this in the relationships that children and educators form. Educators and children will come and go, cross paths and share momentous journeys along the way. 

As you enter our centre, you will walk into a wild, interesting, crazy and loving centre full of children who are encouraged to be free to be themselves. Our community of parents, educators and kids create a unique experience for all. We push on the unconventional and are learning each day: we fail, we try again, we fall, we get back up. We value and embed play, and learn a new way to play each day. Valuing diversity, our team of educators will bring a diverse background, and not all are education based. Our centre sees this as a positive, as it in turn brings with it a variety of ideas, knowledge and practices. Our centre is proud of how it values diversity in educators and  acknowledges strengths that each person has. 

At Genesis OSHC, we continue to advocate for play and strive to be the driving force for our children’s wellbeing. We aspire that play will always be our priority and that the future is one that is unstructured and full of joy. It is a creation of a messy masterpiece where we welcome new ideas, explore new things and jump at the chance to extend the minds of our children. 

Our doors opened to our Preps this year and we are now home to Prep through to Year 6 and at times beyond. The preps have brought with them a sense of enquiry and energetic play with enthusiasm 

It has brought about reflective practice, as we have had to adapt our program to accommodate for the needs of young and fast growing pre-teens! We now offer a Junior and Senior program, valuing the benefit of integration and coming together throughout the afternoon, when we share our home.  

We have noticed the effect this has had on the Seniors as they role model, and through this observation, we have introduced ‘Kids today, Leaders tomorrow’ program, where our Year 7 students who have entered their Middle School years and beyond, are able to return as young leaders, volunteering their time to work with our youngest Oshiens. 

True Belonging never asks us to change who we are.

True Belonging requires us to be who we are.

Brene Brown

Kind regards,

Susan Cooper

OSHC Director