Genesis OSHC

Children shaping the way of their future

Here at OSHC we encourage children to control the direction their learning takes through their own innovative approaches. We understand that it is a child’s world, in which we are a part. 

A strong emphasis is setting the environment, both indoor and outdoor, in which benefits the children and enables their rights when it comes to their learning environment. Our spaces are continually adapted, designed and constructed through ongoing reflective discussions with the children, staff and families. 

Our vision is to enable children to have free flowing experiences, supporting self-exploration and independent creative expression. We aspire to carefully set our environments to encourage independent thinking and allow children to drive their program through leisure and play. OSHC provides for active learning whilst still offering relaxed and quiet spaces to unwind from the busy schedule of a primary school student. 

As we enter Term 2, we will move to our purposely built home away from home. With the lead up to this great excitement of new spaces to occupy, our team of mini architects, both Junior and Senior students, set to work. Taking an innovative and expressive approach, they began viewing current architectural drawings and gained a deeper understanding of the scope of areas to design. 

Illustrations of many forms were submitted from our multi-age and diverse thinkers. It soon became evident that the designs from both the younger and older children share commonalities in how they think and behave. From large couches, creative spaces, chill out zones and gaming areas. There was a clear distinctive approach to their thinking, with spaces designated solely for the Seniors, particularly from our Year 5 and 6 levels. These maturing minds expressed their desire for ownership, however, we are unsure of the practicality of having Prep to Year 4 take occupancy downstairs, while the others enjoy the comfort of theatres and technology above! Further negotiations are currently underway to ensure the new OSHC will be inclusive for all. Despite the strong emphasis for the fun items, a common theme outlined by all levels was a designated homework and library space. 

We have taken all the submitted designs into consideration and are set to move to a state of the art building which will not only set the scene ‘home away from home’, but will reflect the fruitful and emerging designs of the children, aiming to meet their individual needs and wants. 

It is a true blessing to open our doors in Term 2 and continue to create memories shared together.

Susan Cooper

Genesis OSHC Director

Ph: 3882 9013