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Joy and silver linings amidst COVID-19 pandemic!

At OSHC, we have shared great joy through what has been a trying and challenging time for all. Back in 2015, the College purchased land with the goal of building a purpose-built OSHC facility.  Over the years, we have held onto plans and designs of what could be. In 2020, our project came to life with our new OSHC Centre now complete and open as a ‘home away from home’ for many students.

Opening our doors to welcome our students back – after having their lives disrupted by change and new routines – our new OSHC Centre provides a sanctuary, place of security and a home away from home. This new space supports the children to reconnect and engage in what was familiar to them. Reconnecting with their peers and the ability to use play to act out their feelings, has supported them to transition back into their classroom.

It was important to ensure our new OSHC Centre was welcoming, authentic, culturally representative of our community, embraced nature, and was filled with purposeful materials. The layout was designed to promote relationships, communication, collaboration and exploration through play.

Our art studio has become a hub of activity, offering practical engagement with an abundance of materials and mediums to create with. Natural light beaming through large windows and instrumental background tunes set a scene of tranquility, enabling children to get lost in their thoughts and allowing their creative flair to flourish.

We have noted improved social skills through imaginative play and this in turn improves creativity and the ability to take up characters that act out real life roles.

For our more senior students, it was important to acknowledge their specific needs and wants for the space. Upstairs was designed to be the ultimate gaming level. It’s equipped to engage our students through team sports, as well as technology-based fun. No doubt the talk of the town is our air hockey, table tennis and foosball tables.  We have gained new insights and through the spaces, we have been able to improve equity for all the children within our care.

While it appears noisy and chaotic, when you take a moment to stop and observe, you see child’s play and witness pure joy and happiness.

“The environment should act as an aquarium which reflects the ideas, ethics, attitudes and culture of the people who live in it” – Loris Malaguzzi

This is what we are working towards.


We currently have vacancies for before and after school care. For more information, please contact me 3889 9013 or s.cooper@genesis.qld.edu.au

Vacation Bookings

Bookings for the June/July school holidays will be released 8 June 2020.

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Susan Cooper

OSHC Director