Growing together at Genesis OSHC

Genesis OSH facilitates is a home away from home to many of our Prep to Year 7 students at Genesis Christian College. We deliver a vibrant, innovative nature-based play and sustainable learning program where children are free to enquire and develop their self-identity and promote integrity through child centred initiatives within a Christ Centred environment. We incorporate child-centred pedagogies and agency to encourage culture, belonging and trust. We value our OSH families and the partnership between our educators and families to ensure children are supported in their development and growth, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Through play, our program facilitate the development of life-skills, conflict resolution, problem solving and build resilience. Educators gently guide and support our children through play experiences which in return builds and nurtures relationships. At Genesis OSH we continue to advocate for the wellbeing and inclusivity of all our children. Critical reflection and quality improvement are the driving force behind our practices and the love of children our biggest reason for what we do.

Kind regards,

Friné Lupke

Director of Childcare Services