Parking & Updated College Map

Car Park Procedure and Updated College Map

Please view the updated College map here.

In order to minimise car park congestion and queues out onto Youngs Crossing Road at the end of the school day, we would like to remind you of the following crucial car parking procedures:

  • The Set Down/Pick Up Bay is not to be used as a parking area at any time
  • The speed limit is dead slow in the entire car park at all times
  • Students are to use pathways and to take care around the moving traffic in the car park
  • There is to be no running through the car park
  • Please cross at the designated pedestrian crossing areas
  • Extra parking is available at 7 Youngs Crossing Rd and at our new car parking facility, just down from the Sport Centre
  • We ask our College community to be mindful of the difficulties that our neighbours in Dundee Street experience when parents use this area as a set down/pick up zone. Be aware that our neighbours do call on the Police to monitor the problem of parking across driveways or on the No Standing yellow lines
  • Students are supervised in the pick up area until 3.30pm. If you are running late please advise the relevant Student Reception. Students will be asked to wait in Student Reception until you arrive

Collection of students and departure from the campus:

  • Should you have an emergency where you will be late please advise the appropriate Student Reception as soon as practical
  • Any students not collected by 3.30pm will be instructed to wait outside the Admin office


  • All students are required to be picked up directly from their classroom by the parent
  • If another adult is to collect your child on a particular day please notify the relevant teacher


  • Years 1-2 students are escorted by teachers to the car park Pick Up Zone where they will be supervised until collected
  • Years 3-6 will make their own way to the waiting area where they will also be supervised
  • All students are to be collected before 3.30pm
  • Parents may wait in the portico waiting area to collect students


  • Years 7-12 students are to walk independently to the car park waiting area
  • Students are to wait quietly until collected