Pastoral Care

You Matter!

You are God’s workmanship, (masterpiece) created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared you to do.’

Ephesians 2:10

Each one of us has been uniquely fashioned. God put time and effort into expertly crafting you to be who you are. The original Greek word for `workmanship’ is poiema, literally meaning a poem or work of art. It is said that art is an expression of the inner being of the artist, who in our case is God himself.  How wonderful that through His grace, we are that!

Once we understand our true value in the eyes of God, it becomes easy to see those around us through His eyes too, and to marvel at what God has created in and through them.

This idea is at the heart of You Matter Day, which we celebrate at Genesis every year and which has its roots in Anti-Bullying Day. This year, we celebrated You Matter Day on Friday 19 March. This day continues to provide a chance to stop, examine our hearts, and value one another, appreciate one another and celebrate one another as God’s workmanship. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we could not invite our parents on campus, but please know that you matter to us and that we value who you are. We sent a You Matter Day at Home flyer, which gave ideas for families to express their appreciation to people that matter to them in a tangible way.

Any profits made on the day went towards the New Life Orphanage in Myanmar, who we continue to  support, especially now more than ever as the country faces violence and a growing daily death toll due to Civil war. During the holidays, some beautiful children got together and decided to fundraise for Myanmar in an effort to show they care.

You can make a difference in the lives of others…YOU MATTER!