Secondary Pastoral Care

Backyard Blitz!

Once again, we had an opportunity to go and bless a member of our community with a MAD (Make a Difference) project.  This time we took a group of our Year 10 students to Strathpine for a  backyard blitz style makeover!

The students were eager to get in and get the job done.  Within 30 minutes they had filled a skip bin while others were busy carting dirt into the freshly made herb gardens.  All the students chipped in planting over 20 different varieties of herbs and vegetables.  On this project we were able to achieve the following:

  • Brand new drive way
  • Two new herb and vegetable gardens
  • New front garden with citrus trees and more vegetables
  • Trees trimmed and lots of rubbish removal (two skip bins worth!)

We couldn’t have achieved this without the help of the students and staff who all did a fantastic job and they all represented the school amazingly!

And best of all, the homeowner was so happy:

“The change you and the kids have made is amazing.  You have done what I just couldn’t.  I don’t know how to say thanks enough.  The kids were so respectful and happy.  It was wonderful meeting them.  Thank you so very much”.

This concludes our MAD projects for 2019. Please make sure you keep an eye out to see what is happening in 2020 and make sure you’re quick to sign up as spots are always limited.

Anthony Lyons
Secondary Chaplain