The Pastoral Care Pen

Our children are our greatest treasure, and once again this year we raised funds for Day for Daniel last Thursday, 28 October.

This year, as always, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation focused on child safety, but especially SAFE BEDROOMS, which is a challenge to us as parents!

So many of our children, especially our teens, retreat there for copious amounts of time with their phones and devices.

Here are some quick reminders:

Use devices in shared spaces

  • Encourage your children to use technology in places you can check they are okay – such as the living room or the kitchen.
  • Keep devices out of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Stick to ‘real life’ friends

  • Teach your child that if they don’t know someone in the real world, they are actually a stranger.
  • Remind them that they should never meet up with anyone they only know in the online world.

Share their online world

  • Sit down with your children and let them show you the apps, games and websites they love

Think before you post

  • Help your child understand that, once it’s out there, it won’t go away.
  • Show them that, even if they delete something, they can’t control who has seen it, saved it or made a screen shot

Use a strong and secure password

  • Help your child to develop a strong password and to keep this password secure.
  • Prompt them to sign out before they leave the computer.

Make a Family Technology Agreement

  • Work together to outline the ways your family can develop and maintain a healthy, balanced and safe relationship with technology.

Switch off

  • Have a safe and healthy balance of online and offline time. Encourage regular technology free times.
  • Switch off your devices at night and turn off the family Wi-Fi at bedtime.

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