Primary School Highlights

Grandparent’s Day 2020 – A little different, but still so valued! 

Each year in our Primary school we celebrate Grandparents’ Day. It is a huge event where 900 or more Grandparents come to the College campus to enjoy concerts, morning tea together and time with their Grandchildren in the classrooms. We just love Grandparents’ Day so much… and then alas COVID-19 struck, and the normal 2020 day just wasn’t meant to be. Loving and looking after the health of our Grandparents had to become our priority and with this in mind, we couldn’t invite our Grandparents onto campus last week. 

Luckily for our College we have some very creative minds, and I would like to thank Learna Shimizu, Pam Nadler, Deb Hosking, Carey Lang and Dave Oettinger for thinking of some special ways to still honour and bless our Grandparents. 

On Friday morning, our students completed work on their personally designed Genesis cards for Grandparents. They either wrote them a note, a little poem, or drew a picture for them. These were then sent home to find their way to Grandparents all over Australia, and even the world. 

The last two weeks have seen the Junior and Senior Primary choirs rehearsing hard to prepare for their live video recording of two songs for our Grandparents. A link to this video is included for anyone who hasn’t seen it. 

We think Grandparents are just amazing people. They play with us and treat us, they babysit us, they remind us of how good we have it now as opposed to the “good old days”, they tell us stories about a time past when the world looked very different. There is so much to be thankful to our Grandparents for, but one of the best and most important ones is how they share their steadfast faith in God with us. Psalm 145:4 says, One generation shall commend your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts. 

We love you, Grandparents – and pray that we can have our regular Grandparents Day again in 2021!

Kind regards,

Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary