Primary News & Highlights

Dear Parents,

As the year draws to a close it is time to look back on the wonderful year we have had at Genesis, especially in our Primary school. Our students and staff continuously amaze me not just with their exceptional results across sporting, artistic and academic endeavours, but also (and perhaps more importantly!) with the dedication to training and studying, humility, and selflessness with which they do this. Our Genesis students consistently perform at the highest levels in all of these areas, within our culture of high expectations, and now is the time to rest and unwind as we head into the holiday season.

2019 has been a year of change with a number of new leaders settling into roles at the College, including myself; new academic programs, and ways of working, and as we head into 2020 our intention is to consolidate the changes and refinements, and really focus on our priorities of academics, and co-curricular activities. However, within this, and covering all of this of course, is our Christian culture; through which we observe and design everything, and ultimately understand learning and our world. With the help of God, and seeking His will in all things, 2020 will be another great year in the Genesis community.

 Staff Farewells

Each year some staff move on from Genesis, and we are beholden to thank them for their work at the College.

Chris Walters, our Care & Conduct leader, and Year 6 teacher, will be moving on from Genesis after 10 years of service. Chris and his family are moving back to their home town of Gympie, where Chris will be working for Education Queensland. Chris has had an enormous impact on our school community over his years of passionate and dedicated service not just in his Pastoral Care role, but also attending numerous camps, coaching sporting teams, and being a dynamic classroom teacher. Mr Walters, we pray every blessing on your move and will dearly miss you.

Jamie-Lee Le Roux, has completed her contract in Year 5 for Term 4, where she has shown a very high level of dedication to her class, and taught them with much skill and care. We will hopefully be seeing more of Mrs Le Roux in the future at Genesis.

Abby Gilchrist has been working in Primary administration for many years and has decided it is time for change. Abby has supported Simon Bedville superbly over this time and will be missed.

Kate Norman, who has been at Genesis for many years, will be taking maternity leave for the first part of 2020. We pray for Kate and her family as they welcome their second child into the world very shortly.

 2020 staff appointments

We have been blessed with the very high quality of staff who desire to work at Genesis and we are excited to announce the following appointments for next year.

The newly appointed Care & Conduct Leader for Primary is Paul Cobb. Paul and his family are moving to Brisbane from Perth, where he was a Year Level Coordinator in a Christian School. Paul has previously been a Deputy Head of Primary in the UK and has completed Masters level qualifications in school leadership. Paul brings a wealth of experience to the role and is a genuinely pastoral person. We really think he will be a wonderful cultural fit for the pastoral team in our College.

Grace Denny will be teaching in Primary for 2020. Grace comes to us from Trinity College, Gladstone where she has been the Year 4-6 Coordinator and also wrote the College student welfare and behaviour policy. Grace took time off in 2019 to complete her Masters in Education through QUT in Leadership & Management, but has also held the role of Chaplain at Grace Primary School in Clontarf.

Rebecca Scott, who has taught in Prep for a number of years, has been appointed Innovation and Learning Leader for Prep from 2020. We look forward to Mrs Scott’s leadership of this team into the future.

 Primary Colours Assembly

Recently we conducted our Primary Sports and Colours Co-curricular Awards which combine Sport, Cultural and Service awards.  We have had a considerable number of students achieving these awards and this is a very healthy sign of a growing program and also an expanding commitment to activities that the College offers beyond the classroom.

Through the Colours system, we not only recognise the efforts of many students but also demonstrate to all the many and varied ways of contributing to our College life.  By doing so, students gain so much more fulfilment, a sense of worth and a sense of service and well-being, and these attributes are so necessary for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The Colours Scheme provides students with a small incentive to be involved in activities beyond the classroom. Students accumulate colour points varying on the commitment required for training or involvement.  All activities are College-based and the Colours system operates across the whole College with a small roll-over of points from Primary into Secondary.  Both systems are similar in nature with the end goal for Primary, a Gold award and in Secondary School, full colours worn on the College Blazer.

Primary Celebration Services

The last two weeks of school saw our annual Primary Celebration services for:

  • Prep
  • Years 1 and 2
  • Years 3 and 4
  • Years 5 and 6

These services were a fine demonstration of student achievements throughout the year. One particular aspect of the Prep to Year 4 services, special to Genesis, is the individual citations. At Genesis, we believe that every student is special in God’s eyes and brings their own unique skills and talents to make our school a better place. Therefore we don’t just celebrate academic, sporting and cultural achievements, but other aspects of life such as citizenship and character, in every student.

I will however give special mention below to our mjor award winners from Year 6, as they represent the pinnacle of Primary school achievement.

  • Most Valuable Contribution, Senior Primary Choir – Jacynta Baxter
  • Most Valuable Contribution String Ensemble – Jessica Black
  • Most Valuable Contribution, Primary Concert Band – Sarah Secker
  • Most Valuable Contribution Percussion Ensemble – Heath Maloney
  • Most Valuable Contribution, Flute Ensemble – Zoe Burton
  • Most Valuable Contribution, Brass Band – Owen Ross
  • Susan Hay Memorial 2nd Runner Up to Best and Fairest – Girl – Megan Allen
  • Susan Hay Memorial 2nd Runner Up to Best and Fairest – Boy – Anaru Wetere
  • Susan Hay Memorial Runner Up to Best and Fairest – Girl – Morgan Lyall
  • Susan Hay Memorial Runner Up to Best and Fairest – Boy – Luka Lendvay
  • Susan Hay Memorial Best and Fairest – Girl – Mia Croucamp
  • Susan Hay Memorial Best and Fairest – Boy – Declan Warnes
  • 2019 Female Christian Citizenship Award – Courtney O’Brien
  • 2019 Male Christian Citizenship Award – Isaac Smith
  • 2019 runner-up to Dux – Owen Ross
  • 2019 Year 6 Dux Award – Jacinta Power


 Launch Day

  • First Day of Classes 2020 – Tuesday, 28 January
    • Please note that the first day of school for our students is Tuesday, 28 January 2020.

Allocation to classes in 2020

Class allocations will be uploaded to Parent Lounge and once this has occurred, families will receive an App notification directing them to Parent Lounge to check their child/ren’s allocations.

We specifically hold class allocations to January for no other reason than we do have changes to enrolments over the Christmas period and releasing class allocations early on makes these changes very difficult to enact.

From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary