Primary School Highlights

Primary Highlights – its been great start to the year in Primary! 

Five weeks have now passed since the start of the 2021 school year, and I am very happy to say that on the whole, our Primary school students have settled in well into the new year, with teachers, support staff and students all working and playing hard. 

Digital Innovation hits Year 4! 

In the planning for the last 18 months has been the migration from iPads to Windows-based tablet devices in the Upper Primary school. The decision was ultimately made to transition in Year 4 this year and for these devices to roll into Years 5 and 6 in the coming years. This aligns our students operating system from Year 4-12 and will allow for a smoother technological transition to Secondary school. Our current Year 4s received their Microsoft Surface Go 2 devices in the first week of school this year and the results so far have been outstanding with very engaged students. The Surface Go 2 device is a touchscreen tablet device that also has a keyboard. The game changer with these devices is the digital stylus that comes with it, which enables students to handwrite directly onto the computer! This enables students to think more creatively, and artistically whilst saving work digitally. Alongside the device, Year 4s and all Prep-3 students have moved to the Digital Learning platform called SeeSawOne of the big things we learnt from the online learning experience of 2020 is that our students need an age-appropriate and effective tool for accessing their learning online, as well as for building a digital portfolio of work, which in time parents will be able to view and appreciate at any moment. Leading the way in the Primary school in implementing these initiatives is our new Digital Innovation Coach – Mrs Grace Denny, who also teaches in Year 4. Mrs Denny spends time each week developing our programs and coaching our Primary staff and students to be effective users of technology in the classrooms.  

I would also like to acknowledge the swimming teams on their recent success at both the NISSA swim meet and the Pine Rivers District Swimming Carnivals. At both meets, our Genesis Primary swimmers were superb yet again, with many individuals achieving podium and personal best results. Much thanks are to go to our Aquatics Centre staff, and coaches, and Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Turner for all their hard work with our swimmers so far this year. 

This Friday sees our first NISSA Gala day for 2021, with our Year 4 to 6 Genesis students lining up in fixtures with The Lakes College, Prince of Peace Lutheran College and Grace Primary in basketball, t-ball and touch football. Parents are most welcome to attend NISSA Gala days to support our students at any of the events this year but must ensure they follow they COVID-safe guidelines in place at each venue. 


Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary