Primary News & Highlights

Dear Parents,


We warmly welcome families back to the 2020 school year. I look forward to seeing all of our new and returning families and journeying with you, as together we work towards the development and growth of your children academically, socially and spiritually. The new year and new decade brings an invigorated and fresh beginning to life at Genesis, with a new Principal in Mr Paul Sterling and some new staff in the Primary. As normal, you will see me and the rest of our Primary leadership team out and about the school grounds, and regularly in classrooms at the start of the year as we settle our students into the new school year. Our teacher/parent/student relationships are vital and I encourage parents to connect with our Primary leadership when possible; even just for a quick hello and a chat! I also pray that the start of the school year is a blessed one for your families, as you send your older children back to school, and some of your children to school for the first time. May the peace of God be with you all these coming weeks.

First Day of School

Tuesday, 28 January is the first day of school for 2020. All classroom teachers will be available in their rooms before school on this day to meet and greet parents and students. Year 1 teachers will be available before school during Weeks 1 and 2 to allow a comfortable transition for our younger students.

Families of new students

Relationships with families are key for us at Genesis and all teachers of new students to the College will make contact with parents within the first two weeks to school to ensure students have settled well into their new school.

Class information sessions – Week 3

These have been planned for the following days and times:

  • Year 1 – Wednesday 12 February, 2.20-2.50pm
  • Year 2 – Tuesday 11 February, 2.20-2.50pm
  • Year 3 – Thursday 13 February, 2.20-2.50pm
  • Year 4 – Tuesday 11 February, 3.10-3.40pm
  • Year 5 – Wednesday 12 February, 3.10-3.40pm
  • Year 6 – Thursday 13 February, 3.10-3.40pm

The purpose of these sessions is to give parents an overview of the year ahead, provide an introduction to the classroom teacher and explain their expectations for the class. Discussions on individual students and their progress will occur during the official parent/teacher interviews in Week 10 of term.

 Staffing Matters

We have had some changes to the Primary teaching staff which I will outline below, including the appointment of some new staff members as follows.

  • Mrs Carol Testa – moving from Prep Innovation and Learning Leader to teaching in Year 5
  • Mrs Rebecca Scott has been appointed to the Innovation and Learning Leader role in Prep
  • Mrs Wendy Clark moves from teaching in Year 1 to teaching in Year 3
  • Mr Chris Kotterer moves from teaching in Year 6 to teaching in Year 5
  • Mrs Wendy Wearne moves from teaching in Year 3 to teaching in Year 6
  • Mrs Laura Bierton moves from Primary Learning Extension to teaching in Year 6 and will share the class with Mr Paul Cobb
  • Mrs Liz Rustichelli will be providing administrative assistance to Mr Simon Bedville in his role as Assistant Head of School – Primary.

Click here to view the full list of Primary staff teachers including class allocations.

New Staff

  • We are pleased to have appointed Mr Paul Cobb as the Primary Care and Conduct Leader. Paul comes to us from a Christian School in Perth. He has significant pastoral care experience and qualifications, and has performed the role of Deputy Head of a Primary school before. Paul will share a Year 6 class with Mrs Laura Bierton.
  • Mrs Grace Denny joins us teaching in Year 3.  Grace has completed her Masters in Education and has been the Years 4-6 Coordinator at Trinity College, Gladstone. We were significantly blessed with very high quality applicants for our two teaching roles and believe we have secured exceptional employees.

Returning from Maternity Leave

  • We also welcome Mrs Felicity Hall back from Maternity Leave.  Felicity returns to her role in Primary Learning Extension.

Grounds and Facilities

Our Property and Maintenance team have spent considerable time over the holidays in various works across the College to prepare us for the 2020 school year. In Primary, there has been lots of painting and renovations to classrooms, as well as some beautiful work restoring lawns and gardens.

In classrooms, we have updated all of the furniture in Year 2, as well as provided upgrades to some items in other year levels.

Our OSHC house has been progressing nicely over the holidays, with this incredible facility planned to open from the commencement of Term 2 this year.

Assemblies and Chapels

There has been a change to the time and location of Primary Assemblies and Chapels for 2020. These will commence from Week 2 of the year.

  • Upper Primary (Year 3-6) will occur each Monday in Period 1 – 8.45am-9.25am
  • Lower Primary (Yr1-2) will occur each Tuesday in Period 1 – 8.45am-9.25am

As per usual, Assemblies will occur every even week and will awards assemblies. The venue for our Chapels and Assemblies will be MP1 for 2020, unless otherwise notified.

Music Ensembles and Choirs

Parents, please note there will be no choir or ensemble rehearsals during Week 1.   Primary Choirs and Bands will commence in Week 2; except for Year 4 band which will commence in Week 7.


Term 1 Swimming Lessons

Swimming sessions for Years 3 to 6 students will be conducted at the Genesis Aquatic Centre. These session will commence in Week 5 and go for six weeks; a further block of four weeks of swimming will occur in Term 4 leading up to our annual Swimming Carnival. For Term 1, lessons will occur after lunch on the following days

Mon Tues Wed Thurs
Period 6 6B & 6G 5B & 5G 4B & 4G 3B & 3G
Period 7 6R & 6W 5R & 5W 4R & 4W 3R & 3W

 Dedication Service – Monday 10 February 2020

Our annual Dedication Service will be conducted on Monday, 10 February at 9.00am in the Bray Park Community Church.  All students from Years 3 to 6 are involved in this special service.  Parents and friends are welcome to attend.


Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary