Primary Innovation & Learning

Our Prep students are amazing!

Our Prep students are amazing!  What a fabulous start to the year we have had. It is incredible to see just how much we have learnt in our very first 8 weeks of school! Prep have embraced our new I Love Reading program wholeheartedly.  

We are already getting confident with the sounds letters make and using these to read and write words!!! We practice the sounds that each letter makes daily so we can be confident when we stretchy snake words such as r-u-n. 

We are also learning to use critical thinking skills when we are reading stories. Curious Clyde is helping us to ask questions and think past just literal questions. Sometimes the answer isn’t found in the text of the story so we need to think deeper.

Curious Clyde helps Prep Red with their reading comprehension

Prep have also been learning what a sentence is. Now that we know the difference between letters, numbers and words, we are learning to use words to make a sentence. The only problem is…Sneaky Sam sometimes messes the sentence up so it doesn’t make sense! Our job is to read the words and put the sentence in the correct sequence.

Prep Blue ‘fixes’ the sentence that Sneaky Sam jumbled. First, we cut up the words and assemble them so the sentence makes sense. Next, we glue it in the correct order. Then we copy the sentence remembering to begin with a capital letter, put a space between each word and a full stop at the end.

Well done Prep students! We are proud of how you are so excited to continue your journey in reading and writing.

Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary