Robert Schoenmaker Library

The Student Library Council (SLC) provides a “voice” for Secondary students regarding library matters.

  • “As the captain of the Student Library Council, it has been an experience I have learned a lot from, and it has given me great joy to help improve the library to make it more accessible and enjoyable for students,” Rebecca Willock.
  • Tharina Vosloo says, “The SLC meets almost every Thursday. We discuss how we, the students, can improve our library, promote reading, and promote fundraisers. It is a great opportunity to be a part of the Council, as we get to have a say in what goes on around our school and how we can spread the tree of growing knowledge.”
  • Keira Holmes presented to combined form classes why Students need School Libraries.
  • “The SLC allows for the students to have their say in the library, which is such an important cultural part of our school – I am proud to be part of it,” Jessica Goodwin.
  • Other members of the SLC include: Charlotte Guy, Hannah Power, Emmerson Clark, Cassie McGinley, Brandi Roebuck and Jessica Pritchard.

The Accelerated Reader program in Years 4 and 5 assists students to choose books which are a good fit for their reading and comprehension ability. To motivate the students to read, the online program keeps track of the books read and counts the number of words. Many students have received certificates for their efforts.

Congratulations to the following students who received certificates at the end of Term 3:

  • Over twenty students had read over one million words
  • Two students had read over two million words: Elijah Nicol and Olivia Caddy-Welsh
  • One student had read over three million words: Olympia Dimitrakas
  • One student had read over four million words: Adley Lucas

Joy Payne

Director Library Services