Farewell Alyssa

Farewell Alyssa Postle 

As I write this article, it is only days after the passing of a much-loved Year 12 student, Alyssa Postle. 

Alyssa, Lyss or known to some as ‘Bubbles’, was a pure joy to know. She could light up a room with her smile, her laugh or her jokes. She had a zest for life and self-confidence that radiated through her. She was a friend to so many and made a huge impact on their lives. Alyssa always sought time for her friends as well as her teachers. She would always come up for a chat and have a story to share with us.  

Everyone had time for Alyssa and she always had time for you, asking questions and checking in on how your life was going. She was the life of the Senior Netball team, she always tried her best and made sure everyone enjoyed playing. We will never forget how she made us feel, how much she made us laugh and the warm memories that we each shared with her. Alyssa was a true blessing to the Genesis community and we thank God that we got to share those memories with her. 

We live in a world with ragged edges. At its heart, this world is beautiful beyond compare. We find in it, purpose and love and joy. The Bible tells us our world declares God’s presence and gives us a sneak peek of His glory. Yet the ragged edges break our hearts at times like this. We cry out to God in pain and seek comfort from the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3-4). 

In times like this, we do not know why this tragedy has occurred. Our God is all-loving and He will hold uas we press into His presence. Our God is all-powerful and He will bring everything to a day when the ragged edges will disappear (Revelation 21:4). 

In times like this, our Christian worldview calls us to respond with grace. In the face of tragedy, we bring healing through goodness. We are called to persevere, with lives that honour God, that declare Him as Lord. The Bible tells us to live holy lives worthy of our calling. To endure and to shine His love. 

As a College, our laser-like focus has been on every student’s emotional wellbeing during this season. Please continue to uphold the Postle family, staff and students in your prayers. 

My wife has a saying that resonates so true for times like this – for this, we have Jesus.  

Blessings to one and all,

Stuart Taylor

 Head of School – Secondary