Secondary Care & Conduct

Year 9

The Year 9 Camp at Adventure Alternatives Kenilworth was both a challenging and enriching experience for students and staff alike. The students were engaged in a  variety of activities; including multiple high ropes activities (such as “Big Ben” and the “Dangle Duo”), sustainability and bush skills, and a substantial amount of hiking; in some cases, with full packs!

In conjunction with The Rite Journey Program, all students underwent the challenge of the 24 hour duos. It should be noted that a number of students also opted to do this as a solo venture which is a fantastic achievement and one that has set the bar high for Year 9 students in 2020! The weather was mostly kind to us up until the final night – some boys out on the duo found this out firsthand with their tents and the wind!

Our Adventure Alternatives instructors did an amazing job in guiding our students and supporting our staff – all of us can testify that Chef Chris kept us well fed and ready to take on every day.

A special thank you goes out to Miss White, Mrs G-O, Ms Ruse, Mrs Walters, Mr Bunt, Mr Head, Mr Ruthenberg and Mr Kidd for making my job as Care and Conduct Leader incredibly easy for me during this time.

Ryan Craig

Year 9 Care and Conduct Leader