Secondary Highlights

How could we start this edition without featuring the $3.9 million STEM building? We are blessed to have such a world-class facility.

In this building you will find mathematicians who understand the patterns that surround us and use these to solve complex problems. You will find designers, who because of their empathy, create beautiful solutions. Our engineers will be applying their physics and maths abilities to implement solutions. You will find real products created for real audiences.

Our tools in the new building include drones, robotics, laser cutters, 3D printers and virtual reality.

We are forging ahead with partnerships with universities and peak industry associations to drive the innovation and relevance for our students in STEM.

The new building also houses our amazing Learning Support team and has expanded our undercover seating areas.

We invest heavily into the lives of our students so they face our ever-changing world with confidence. Our intention is that they care for, nurture and delight in this life and are always agents for the common good.

The year has already seen a number of very successful events:

  • Dedication Service where we acknowledged our thankfulness to God for His provision
  • Leadership Commissioning Service which focussed our attention on our corporate vision
  • Swimming Carnival that celebrated a tremendous sense of house spirit.

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming Cross Country on Thursday, 12 March and expect to see all in attendance.

Last year, our school was chosen as one of the PISA tested schools in Australia. This is an international test of 15 year old students across the world. We have now received the results and they show Genesis is comfortably above like schools (the literacies they test are reading, mathematics and science). We are also on the upper end of student perceptions for school belonging, classroom climate and adaption of instruction to student need.

What a great start to 2020 we have!


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary