Secondary Highlights

Gaining Full Stride

It seems as we look forward to the second half of the year, and as COVID-19 restrictions ease, we’re starting to get back to full stride. Most of the co-curricular groups are now back to rehearsals and we hope to hear positive news about the resumption of competitions over the coming months. 

 The combined Primary-Secondary Colours Committee met recently to review the impact of reduced opportunities to collect Colour Points (thus far). A further review will occur in Term 4. For this year only, we have made the following accommodations: 

  • There will be no changes to the point value for groups whose rehearsals and competitions have been affected by COVID-19 cancellations. 
  • Students will be awarded points upon their selection for representation to approved pathways. This will revert back to participation as a representative from next year. 
  • Service hours will be calculated on a minimum of 10 hours over two activities for Community Service; and a minimum of five hours College Service. 

 Please refer to the Policy documents (available in Parent Lounge) for more detail of eligible activities and pathways. 

 The Athletics Carnival could not be held as a day event, as planned earlier this Term. Instead, the athletics events have been held on Sport afternoons over the past two weeks and will continue in Weeks 1 and 2 of next Term.  Results will still allow for selection to District/Regionals. 

With the Queensland school closures, we expected a challenging re-entry to school life. The break for most was longer than the Christmas holidays, it was under a ‘confined to quarters’ feel, and had students jump straight back into the busy end of Term 2. Additionally, learning became associated with pyjamas, couches and the social dynamics of a home. Students faced a real challenge in adjusting back to uniform, grooming, desks and the social dynamics of a classroom. 

A very big thank you to our parents who have journeyed with us in the transition back. Attending to haircuts, uniform, jewellery and the like has been appreciated. A HUGE shout out to the vast majority of students who have continued to identify as a Genesis student through their presentation, conduct and attention to learning. This Term has been a journey of adjustments and I look forward to a fully compliant student body after the coming mid-year break. 

 As we continue to navigate the changes occurring around us and what they mean for our College, please keep one and all in your prayers. 

 Stay safe & blessings to you all,

Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary