Secondary Highlights

Excellence in Character – Ambassadors for Genesis

We have now embarked on our sure and steady character journey. ‘Walk in the Light’ is a framework and vocabulary to describe the Genesis student.

As we nurture character with you, the College will be working with students to achieve better than their best (Grow) and use their time and talent for the benefit of others (Give). We will continue to develop a true sense of belonging (Connection). The flavours that we wish to see in all these endeavours are Christian values and faith (Conviction).

It is always a pleasure to meet with student leaders and those involved in the broader co-curricular life of Genesis. Their passion for our College, their sense of belonging, and their strong voice are always an encouragement. These students exemplify ‘Walk in the Light’.

The fruits of ‘Walk in the Light’ that we see in their lives are things like:

  • growing your gifts and talents
  • serving others to make a difference
  • playing their part to build a sense of family and exercising a Christian moral compass.

The fruit is a well-lived life. It is a purposeful and flourishing life.

The root of ‘Walk in the Light’ is found in our Lord, though His Word. The school motto is ‘Your Word is my light’. As we encounter what God reveals in His Word, we are blessed to ‘Walk in the Light’.

Sometimes when we talk about character, we will be only speaking about the fruits. At other times we will be speaking about the root of real character, a relationship with a living God, directed by His Word.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary