Secondary News & Highlights

Year 11 News

I spent the start of this term commending our Year 11 students and staff for their success in the new QCE/ATAR system. We benchmark our progress against QCAA data and feedback from our networks in other schools. This data shows we are very well placed to continue the high academic standing of the College. Year 11 have already commenced their Year 12 course of study. Results from this term contribute to their ATAR.

We are doing very well and I would like to include the parents in my praise now. Well done mum; great job dad! Year 11 has always been a tough year. It is the year of greater student responsibility for their learning, associated with significant increases in out-of-school study demands. This year we have coupled those challenges to the introduction of entirely new subject syllabi. Thank you parents for the manner in which you have walked alongside your children and developed their resilience through words of reassurance and perseverance. I have no doubt we will see the fruit of your labours in the December 2020 results.

Secondary Events

Thank you to the army of staff who pulled off the amazing Dance Showcase. I am astounded at the talent of our students – WOW! I am sure all our dance mums and dads are super proud of what they enjoyed on these two nights. Thank you Miss Briddock for your investment into our College and the lives of our students.

We moved the Co-Curricular Presentation Ceremony to a day function this year. I am pleased to report we achieved our goals in this decision – nearly every student deserving of recognition and celebration was able to walk across the stage before a full complement of the Secondary School. Parent attendance remained at a similar level and also remained for the entire ceremony. What cannot be understated is the impact of having all our Secondary students experience an event that showcased high quality co-curricular performances and celebrated every co-curricular endeavour Genesis engages in. Together we learnt more about what it means to be ‘the Genesis student’.

Last week was a massive week for our Senior School with Senior School Presentation Night (November 13), Valedictory (November 15) and Year 12 Formal all occurring. Please see our separate post for a wrap up of these events. Next week we have our Middle School Presentation Night (November 28). The Presentation Nights are compulsory for students in those Year levels and are full of entertainment, celebration and acknowledgements.

A quick reminder that all students are to be in Formal uniform with every attention made from feet in shiny shoes and heads properly groomed.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary